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The Guam Public Utilities Commission [PUC] has created this website as a public service to provide Guam ratepayers and other interested persons with current and historical information about its regulatory activities. Under Guam law, PUC regulates the rates and rate impacting procurements of Guam Power Authority, Guam Waterworks Authority, Guam Solid Waste Authority, Port Authority of Guam and the Guam International Country Club (Guam Municipal Golf Course). PUC also has authority over certain aspects of the telecommunication companies which do business on Guam, including the E911 Surcharge.

The “Meetings” tab includes Agendas and Minutes of Business Meetings conducted by the PUC.

The “PUC Administration” tab includes information about the PUC, its Organization, Financial Reports, Resolutions, Budget, E911 information, Contracts, Annual Reports, and Contact Information.

The “Rules & Procedures” tab includes the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure, and other rules and procedures governing the regulatory activities of the PUC.

The “Dockets” tab includes PUC Reports and Orders in the Regulatory Proceedings for each regulated utility or entity: GPA, GWA, GSWA, PAG, GICC, and Telecom Companies.

The “PUC Reference Center” includes historical information from PUC proceedings and older docket proceedings

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